Examples of “What Went Well” Statements

The practice of reflecting on what went well, also known as “WWW” or “What Went Well,” is a valuable technique for recognizing and appreciating positive outcomes and accomplishments. By focusing on the positives, you can foster a sense of gratitude, boost morale, and inspire further success. Here are some examples of “What Went Well” statements:

Examples of “What Went Well” Statements
  1. Project Completion:
    • We successfully completed the project within the designated timeline, meeting all the objectives.
    • The team’s collaboration and efficient workflow contributed to a seamless project delivery.
    • Our client expressed high satisfaction with the final deliverables, praising our attention to detail.
  2. Sales Achievement:
    • We exceeded our monthly sales target by 20%, demonstrating exceptional performance.
    • Our innovative sales strategies resulted in a significant increase in customer acquisition.
    • The team’s consistent effort and dedication led to a record-breaking sales month for the company.
  3. Customer Satisfaction:
    • We received positive feedback from several customers, highlighting our exceptional service quality.
    • The customer satisfaction survey revealed a 95% satisfaction rate, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
    • Our prompt and efficient customer support resolved all inquiries, resulting in high customer loyalty.
  4. Team Collaboration:
    • The team successfully collaborated on a complex project, showcasing excellent communication and coordination.
    • Our brainstorming sessions led to creative solutions and enhanced productivity.
    • The team’s mutual support and shared goals fostered a positive and inclusive work environment.
  5. Process Improvement:
    • We implemented a new workflow system that streamlined processes and reduced turnaround time by 30%.
    • Our continuous improvement initiatives resulted in cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
    • The successful adoption of new technologies improved productivity and eliminated manual errors.
  6. Personal Achievements:
    • I successfully completed a professional development course, acquiring new skills that contribute to my role.
    • I received recognition for my exceptional performance from my manager and colleagues.
    • I effectively managed a challenging task, overcoming obstacles and delivering high-quality results.

Remember, the purpose of “What Went Well” statements is to acknowledge and celebrate achievements and positive outcomes. By regularly reflecting on these successes, you can maintain a positive mindset, inspire others, and build a culture of appreciation within your team or organization.

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